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  2. Interesting speech topics are principally a combination of three ingredients. Your personal enthusiasm for the subject you've chosen; The subject's appeal or relevance to your audience; And the twist, angle, or perspective you bring to the topic; If you can apply all three elements to the speech topic you choose it's much more likely to be interesting. In fact even those boring topics like.
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  4. Interesting speech topics are of great significance when delivering a good quality speech. Unlike reading books, the lifespan of a speech depends on many factors including good oratory prowess of the orator, the creative scripting of the speech, ability to accurately express issues through your speech and finally being able to title your speech persuasively
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  6. Looking for interesting presentation topics that will wake up your listeners, engaging them in rapt attention? Well here's giving you some of the best topics to organize a presentation on, that is sure to leave your audience interested from start to finish Presentations aren't as dull or nerve-racking as you may think. They're pretty much the funnest thing to do in school / college. I.

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  1. While we feel that the topics included here can be transformed into persuasive speeches of interest to different audiences, they are only meant to give you an idea and you should use your best judgment as to what you would be presenting to your target audience. Categories Speech Topics 73 Comments Post navigation. 50 Easy Persuasive Speech Topics. 73 thoughts on 100 Good Persuasive Speech.
  2. 100 good, creative and interesting powerpoint presentation topics for college students. Emily; November 12, 2016; As a college or university student, you will have to write a number of presentations in the course of acquiring your degree. Choosing a suitable topic for your college essay, research papers or presentation that will keep your audience engaged is extremely essential. We know how.
  3. ORAL PRESENTATION IN ENGLISH How to get started, how to conclude, and suggestions for what to do in between Martha Grand ENSIEG . CONTENTS 1. Getting Started 1.1 Greeting the audience - Calling for attention 1.2 Introducing yourself and your company 1.3 Stating the purpose of the talk - Giving a short introduction 1.4 The overview - Presenting the structure of the talk 2. The Body of the.
  4. Interesting Presentation Topics for Everyone. These themes are created with the one-size-fits-all approach — you can take them, drop into any classroom and get your deserved A or B. At the same time, they do not appear very often, so you may treat them as unique and exciting topics for presentation
  5. Interesting topics can makes great topics to talk about. Whether it is just talking or making a speech, interesting speech topics always help in some way or the other. Here is a list of interesting topics for speeches, which can be good topics to talk about. Speech is the most powerful and persuasive mode of communication. Great leaders.

Students can use to make their PPT discussions more interesting. Professionals can use to make PowerPoint presentations more attractive by choosing an interesting topic. These topics are relevant to both individuals as well as group presentations. So, let's find the top interesting topics to talk about in a presentation which are updated in 2020 There are 56 Beginner topics and 58 Intermediate topics to choose from. All the topics are free to use. They are suitable for adults, students and children starting to learn English as a second language. The frog flies - learn English with the little frog! English Activities is a free online resource consisting of English lessons, English games and English tests to help both adults and kids.

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140 Creative PowerPoint Presentation Topics for College Students. When it comes to creating a good PowerPoint presentation, choosing an interesting topic can define your success. Both teachers and students get bored with dull presentation topics. To avoid losing your audience and getting a lower grade, you should start with mulling over a few. For a bit of a head start on this step, be sure to check out our blog post filled with Oral Presentation Topics for 2020. It's one of our best kept secrets! In the study design, the description that's given for the Oral Presentation is: A point of view presented in oral form using sound argument and persuasive language. The point of view should relate to an issue that has appeared in the. For this reason, you may want to consider a few topics before settling on the one that allows you to be more descriptive and entertaining. Speech Topics to Meet Oral Communication Standards. 30 Writing Topics: Persuasion. Controversial Speech Topics. The Best Summer Plans for High School Students. When Is the ACT? 49 Opinion Writing Prompts for Students. Home. Learn Something New Every Day. How to Teach ESL Organically with Interesting Topics. Dictionaries and textbooks can be helpful tools to assist ESL students in the learning process, but they shouldn't be your only tools for teaching English.. When people learn their native languages, they don't spend hours memorizing grammar rules and verb conjugations—at least not at first Oral activities worksheets English Lessons for Kids - Videos, Printables, Games, Online Tests Teach kids with an engaging blended English program. A multi-level English curriculum featuring cartoon animated videos, engaging games, interactive tests and a progress tracker. Take a tour now! The Clever Printable and Digital Worksheet Maker - From just $3.33 p/m Quickworksheets is the smart cloud.

Oral Health Topics The Oral Health Topics section on ADA.org is intended to provide dentists with clinically relevant, evidence-based science behind the issues that may affect their practice. Refer to the Oral Health Topics for current scientific reviews of subjects that relate to oral health, from amalgam separators and antibiotic prophylaxis to xerostomia and X-rays Feb 24, 2017 - If you're looking for class presentation topics for kids of various ages to include in your lesson plan, refer to this list of 65 exciting subject matters

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English Language Topics. Focus on specific English language topics and enjoy some great ideas for ESL lesson plans. Find a wide range of interactive games, classroom activities, printable worksheets, instructional videos, quizzes, word searches and other resources that are targeted to the topic of your choice. Help teach your students about reading, writing, grammar and spelling or focus on. Let's take a look at 14 amazing topics you can use with your young learners. 14 Great ESL Topics for Your Young Learners. 1. Me and My Family. When teaching young children it is essential to start with topics that are closest to them. First, they should always start with themselves. This a great opportunity for them to learn how to introduce themselves and how to ask others their names. They. Well no need to fear, because we'll share with you a complete list of fun English conversation topics that will shake up your future interactions. Hope you enjoy. Fun English Conversation Topics For Adults . First Dates . Meeting your date for the first time is never easy. Having a list of fun questions prepared will help you avoid the uncomfortable pauses or a good way to initiate the date. 100+ Debate Topics to Choose From. Coming up with a current and interesting debate topic can be tricky. There are all sorts of things you have to consider when picking a subject: whether you'll be able to talk for long enough about it, how excited you feel about it, how easy it will be to research, what your English teacher will think of it, and much more Good persuasive speech topics can be difficult to think of, but in this guide we've compiled a list of 105 interesting persuasive speech topics for you to look through. The best persuasive speech ideas will be on a topic you're interested in, aren't overdone, and will be about something your audience cares about

Sep 13, 2018 - Explore Zebbie Nix's board Interesting topics for reference, followed by 161 people on Pinterest. See more ideas about Interesting topics, This or that questions, Foods with gluten When I had my oral communications class last year, we were tasked to deliver speeches a couple of times with random topics. Some of the most interesting topics are the following:. 101 ESL conversation topics from a hat. 101 ESL Conversation Topics From a Hat. How many times have you been in an ESL conversation class and just couldn't get your students to speak? In the classroom and in everyday life, we need conversation starters or ice breakers to end the silence. Arguably, there's nothing stranger than silence in a conversation class! Here's how you do it: Before. Your professor or teacher will ask you to look for an interesting social issues essay topic or problem solution essay topics for your upcoming assignment as part of your course work. Such assignments allow teens and young adults to express their opinions about the trendiest topics of 2020 that affect everybody. Your classroom is a safe environment where you can talk about what you think. These topics may even inspire you to come up with some of your own, as you'll begin to understand your students on a deeper level and knows what works and what doesn't. Happy discussing! Download: This blog post is available as a convenient and portable PDF that you can take anywhere. Click here to get a copy. (Download) Oh, and One More Thing If you like getting adults highly engaged.

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  1. g up with questions to ask each other that will lead to more than just a one-sentence response in English
  2. 20 Topics for Debate. This page lists suggested subjects that can be discussed to practise agreeing and disagreeing in English. Here are 20 topics to discuss with a friend or group. Practise agreeing and disagreeing even if you have to argue against something you actually believe in. One way to have fun with this is to make up a bunch of cards that say agree or disagree. Each person has to.
  3. Some Interesting and Informative Topics to Consider. One must always choose something which is generally interesting to everybody. Having said that, it is understood that the topic selection should be based upon the group/section of people who are going to be the listeners. It also depends upon the occasion in which it is being said; personal choice and preference also being another factor.
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Interesting questions for discussions in Engish lessons. A Project of The Internet TESL Journal If this is your first time here, then read the Teacher's Guide to Using These Pages If you can think of a good question for any list, please send it to us Interesting speech topics make you explore new subjects, experiment with new things, and present what you know in an interesting way. A speech reflects your eloquence and oratory skills as well as the research that has gone into making the speech. Especially so, when it's an informative or demonstrative topic. Different types of speeches demand different skills. A persuasive speech requires. Easy English conversation topics for teachers and students learning to speak the language. Free speaking materials and resources for teaching and study They find these topics more relatable which means they find them more interesting. Look at local issues and news to discover these topics. Desired outcome . What do you want your audience to do as a result of your speech? Use this as a guide to choosing your topic, for example, maybe you want people to recycle more so you present a speech on the effect of microplastics in the ocean. Persuasive. Hobbies, holidays and trips make interesting topics to write about. They are easy to illustrate using photos and other images, which makes your presentation more interesting and easy to follow. Always use simple and easy to understand words so as not to confuse your audience. Do a simple research on the topic to see how much information is available. This helps in keeping your presentation.

But sometimes students struggle with finding interesting presentation topics or personal essay topics. They want to choose something that will keep their audience engaged and would be tempting enough for them to stay focused till the end. Academic Presentation - what is it and how to create it? Simply, this is a presentation done for academic purposes. It usually takes place at school or. Overcoming the Fear of Public Speaking is a topic in which most, if not all, of your audience, will appreciate it. Any ideas you can offer to them will be well received. You might begin by telling them that voice and clarity are important. One way.. CONVERSATION TOPICS - Intermediate level. What is for you the most enjoyable type of holiday? (camping, hotel, club, rented accommodation, touring, sports activities, etc.) List 5 things not to forget when you go on holiday. Describe your favourite pastime/hobby. - Why is it so enjoyable? - When did you take it up? - How often do you do it? etc.. Impromptu Oral Presentation Activity . Put all of the topics on slips of paper and have your students pick out of a hat. You can either have the student begin the presentation immediately or give a few minutes to prepare. You may have a student pick the topic just before the student before them presents so they have that time to think. In this.

The latest and hottest topics usually do an interesting trick. Connection. It is easier to listen and agree if you can relate to things that you hear. Something about a country, a state, a city or community, family or pets, food or education will always appeal to people. Your knowledge of the issue . We put it last because if you are interested and want to make people aware of the topic, you. 18. Services catering facilities banks repair and maintenance emergency services (ambulance, police, Automobile Association) 19. Shopping everyday shopping buying consumer durables shopping habits sales, discounts the role of advertisements consumer society 20 This will be especially interesting if the end results are impressive, such as with a volcano experiment. Oral Interpretation. With oral interpretation, any text can become a speech, as the speaker dramatically presents a poem, essay, short story or selection from a larger piece of writing. Some may consider this type of speech similar to.

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Dental Topics A Dental Education Resource for You and Your Family. The following is a comprehensive list of dental definitions, dental conditions, dental topics, and general dental information to help you learn the importance of good oral health For example, if you like traveling, you might have lots of interesting travel experiences. You will feel comfortable to speak on that topic. Also, you love researching more on the topic of your interest. b) Focus on the subject area relevant you don't know yet but would love to. Better include these kinds of topics to the list of your subject. Interesting topics for conversation classes. 18 October, 2016 Education Erin O'Neill . Conversation classes are one of the best ways to elevate your speaking skills to the next level. Whilst learning English you might find that you do better at reading and writing than speaking; if this is the case, conversation classes are a great way to get your speaking skills up to the same standard. These.

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Topics. Looking for conversation questions to match your topic? Look no further, take a look at our long list of topic based conversation questions. If you don't see your topic let us know what we are missing and we'll add it! Adoption. Advice. Aging. Aliens. Animals. Appearance. Architecture/Building Design. Art. Beauty. Birthdays. Books . Brains. Camping. Cars and Driving. Challenges. Interesting Topics To Talk About in English Conversation Class. By. Anastasia Koltai-December 1, 2014. 1. 121172. Facebook. Twitter. Pinterest. WhatsApp. I'm going to share only the most interesting questions and topics to talk about in your class. I've selected them based on our facebook fans engagement rate, which means your students will enjoy these questions/topics too. Q: How many. The closing topics will consist of questions about the future. The examiner may extend the discourse further by asking you to make a prediction about the topic you have just discussed. Alternatively, you may be asked about your plans for the future in terms of your education or employment. Verb Tense and the Interview. You should use the past and present simple, as well as the present perfect.

hlo guys plz like share and subscribe this videos thank-you for watchin buzzle.co Explore and learn Top Ten oral health topics. Skip to Main Content. Brought to you by the. English | Español. A A A. Follow MouthHealthy and the ADA Facebook Twitter Youtube Join us on LinkedIn Follow us on Instagram. MENU Menu Menu + Life Stages. Pregnancy Babies and Kids Teens Adults Under 40 Adults Over 40 Adults Over 60 + ADA Seal Products. What Is the Seal? Find ADA Seal Products by. Well there are Soo many honestly! If you are a good speaker , then the topic should not matter. But it's best to keep it general. You can probably choose some informative topics like mission to mars, probability of existence of aliens (related to.

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3) Current Events/News: Every couple of weeks try to find an interesting news article to bring to the class. You may use newspapers from your own country, magazines, or online blog articles that you feel might interest your student. For this activity a bit of creativity will also go a long way. Try to work with an article that will provoke your student to express his or her opinion, a few. Free speech topics lists with more persuasive, informative and other speech ideas, speech writing tips, how to guides, tutorials and information on outlining your speech topic for public speaking. Its on the goal to help everyone to develop the best topics for a speech for all types of public speaking and speechwriting assignments . Interesting Speech Topics for Grade 7. 1. Cleaning My Cage. 2. TOK Presentation Examples Topics for Students. Keep in mind that a TOK presentation contributes roughly 33% of the final course grade, so watch out! You cannot earn more than 10 points for such an assignment, so do your best to get the maximum grade as it will be easier for you to survive the rest of the examination stages. Look at these topics for TOK presentation and some TOK presentation. Interesting Topics for ESL Classrooms. These are just a few general ideas to get you started. Feel free to tailor them to suit your needs, expand them, or come up with your own interesting topics for ESL class. You can always just ask your students what they're interested in and go from there! Interesting Topics for ESL. 1st grade ; 2nd grade; 3rd grade; 4th grade; 5th grade; 6th grade; 7th.

Impromptu Public Speaking Topics - A list of 50 speech topics for spontaneous speaking practice. By: Susan Dugdale | Last modified: 01-09-2020 | First published: 03-01-2007 There are 50 impromptu public speaking topics here, covering a broad cross section of subject matter.. Many of them are deliberately provocative to stimulate a response Topics related to vehicles. The benefits and drawbacks of purchasing or leasing an automobile; How to select a suitable set of tires for your automobile ; What to do if you want to increase the functionality of your vehicle; The features you need to consider when getting a new automobile; The process of replacing the oil in your vehicle; Advice on how to be safe when riding a dirt bike; How to. Below we've got some interesting conversation topics for your enjoyment. The conversation questions span a wide variety of conversation topics. Everything from journalism to dieting. Perfect for getting some interesting conversations started! As time goes by we'll probably add more topics and conversation questions but this is what we've got so far. Take a look and see if there is a.

I've put together this cheat sheet of 50 interesting conversation topics you can use at any time to rekindle the conversation, even if you feel it start to go downhill. You can go over this list before a first date or a party, whenever you need to have a few good things to talk about in mind (just in case). And don't worry, almost all of the topics I suggest are normal. This means. Explore Top Motivational Speech Topics for College Students, Latest Essay topics, presentation papers, 5 to 10 minutes presentation topics, seminar paper, 2019 Speech Samples ideas, creative essay topics, group discussion, GD for Interviews, College and School Students for the year 2019 2020 You can use these topics for presentations, essays, seminars, conferences, speeches and debates and group discussions. Agriculture Topics for Presentation. Below is the list of latest best agriculture topics for PowerPoint, Prezi and slides presentation updated in 2020 Giving an oral presentation as part of a speaking exam can be quite scary, but we're here to help you. Watch two students giving presentations and then read the tips carefully. Which tips do they follow? Which ones don't they follow? Instructions. It's not easy to give a good oral presentation but these tips will help you. Here are our top tips for oral presentations. Do: Use the planning. This video is unavailable. Watch Queue Queue. Watch Queue Queu

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If you're tasked with writing about the popular biology research topics of the moment, it pays to know what they are. To give you plenty of ideas we've compiled a list of the 32 interesting biology research topics that are most in the news right now. That way you can create a biology research paper that will get you the top grade you've been looking for CONVERSATION TOPICS - Advanced level A list of conversation topics suitable for advanced level learners of English. ♦Note: It's a good idea to pre-teach essential vocabulary before beginning a discussion. This will help students feel more comfortable and encourage them to participate. CONVERSATION TOPICS - ADVANCED LEVEL. Rich world, poor world; What kind of aid should the governments of. These activities can be adapted to a wide variety of topics. Usually the description includes one or two detailed examples of how the activity can be adapted to particular themes, but teachers can readily devise their own adaptions (and are encouraged to share their ideas with other readers by adding a comment to the relevant page). Duration Aim Requirements; 15. Card-swapping Discussion: 20. One of the best ways to encourage students to talk more is by suggesting some fun and interesting conversation topics. On this page you can find a long list of fun conversation topics for kids and beginner English language students. And, at the bottom of this page you'll also find some practical tips for teaching these fun conversation topics to ESL kids. You May Also Like: Funny Debate.

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Interesting Informative Speech Topics. This category contains interesting informative speech ideas that didn't quite fit other categories. You'll find here topics on history, world records, makeup, and ice cream. This list serves two functions at the same time. First of all, you can pick one idea and compose an excellent and exciting speech on it. Secondly, our readers might realize how. Jan 9, 2015 - Here are 45 topics I use in my classes for Oral Presentations. I usually just walk through the class and randomly give each pupil a topic. They have to speak for 3-5 min. while only occassionally glancing at their written page. I also have a page calle

199 Easy Problem Solution Essay Topics for College Students; Top 100 Research Topics for ABM Strand Students [Upd. 2020] 35 Fun & Interesting Research Paper Topics to Write about; Cause and Effect Essay Topics: 150 Really Good Ideas for 2020; 135 Funny Argumentative Essay Topics & Persuasive Ideas for 202 101 Conversation Topics for Kids. Helping Your Child Learn Language Skills. Helping Children Express Themselves. Phonological Awareness. Helping Children Remember What They Hear. For Adolescents. Helping Your Child Move from Elementary School to Junior High. Thinking Skills for Learning and Life. For Adults . How to Manage Memory Problems. Tips for Communicating with Someone Who Has Dementia.

Oral presentation topics ready for everyone wants a very interesting topic, many people want to know how to control their interactions, and here we will make many wonderful suggestions to apply it in your daily life to learn how to control your emotions. All of this is available here in a Read More » Easy presentation topics. May 30, 2018 presentation topics 0. Easy presentation topics. Interesting Presentation Topics. Essay Topic for Kids and Children. Post navigation ← Previous Post. Next Post → Recent Updates. Top 5 English Speaking Classes In Ghaziabad 2020; Top 5 English Speaking Classes In Chandrapur 2020; Best English Speaking Course In Varanasi (Updated September 2020) Best Spoken English Classes In Hadapsar Pune 2020; Formal Letter Writing Topics (Updated. On this page, we have listed 200 interesting Physics Seminar Topics and interesting Powerpoint Presentation topics for school and graduate students. You may want to make your own variation of one of the suggested Physics Seminar Topics below. The goal of the Physics Seminar Powerpoint Presentation is to increase the knowledge about fundamental principles and to search for new phenomena can u pls.. suggest some interesting topics for oral english class... i'm a university student here and i'm having a hard time thinking on what to talk about in my oral english class..our oral english teacher asked us to search for interesting topic and talk about it in class for 1 period.. pls.. i need help.

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There are 100 questions here, and they include easy and advanced topics. Some of them could be answered in one word or, if the mood takes everyone, could be an hour-long discussion. However, for most of the questions here, three to five minutes is recommended, plus another minute or two for the teacher to do a round-up. The questions here are suited to discussions in pairs or groups. What-If. 3.4 Interesting Persuasive Speech Topics. Are internet relationships beneficial for college students? Women and men have different perspectives on love and relationships. Is it possible to maintain a long-distance relationship? Should you live with your fiancé before marriage? Teens should have more freedom of using cell phones.. Jealousy can destroy all relationships, no matter how strong. This article includes everything you need for writing an interesting essay: Easy technology topics with links to videos, articles, and research to start your paper If you want to promote critical reasoning and analysis among teenagers, be sure to go over these debate topics for teens and choose the ones that you think will suit their interests best. An interesting topic can help students to learn how to express their point of view and understand that it is valued. All in all, teens are about to enter the adult world, critical thinking and research will. An oral presentation is a verbal report or lecture or address about a particular topic or set of topics. It may include visual props, slides or video clips, but the bulk of the content is delivered from a speaker to an audience through words. It can be overwhelming to think of how to write an oral presentation, particularly if you've never done it before

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And ten informative oral speech topics: 1. Steroids in sports scandals. 2. Unbelievable sleepwalking stories. 3. How Hip-Hop and R&B influence our youth. 4. Ways to control the human population. 5. The effects of programs for alcoholics work. 6. The ISS space project. 7. Effective animal conservation laws. 8. The benefits of globalization. 9. Selecting the topic of a future webinar could be a nightmare for a starting presenter, since it needs to be both interesting for them and marketable for the target audience. We have prepared 12 trendy topics that are most frequently discussed and searched for on the web. Personal finance management. Image Source. The topic of money is exciting regardless of gender, social status, or place of.

Comments Off on 67 Good, interesting and funny Persuasive Speech Topics for College Students; Tags: 101 American History Research Paper Topics for College Students; Research papers and Essays for sale in Canad Suggested topics and questions for oral histories. by Genealogy.com. People say that talking to your plants can make them grow, and the same is true for family trees. While it's not always necessary to record oral histories to get the basic vital statistics about your ancestors, you may find that interviewing your family members provides some of the most interesting information about your. Good Impromptu Speech Topics. Here are some good impromptu speech topics to help speakers prepare for the day when asked to give a speech off the cuff.. Presenters may also like to check out my tips for delivering this type of speech, as giving an impromptu speech is more challenging than providing a presentation with lots of time to prepare.. And do remember that - like other speeches - an. You'll find plenty of interesting topics once you go beyond the obvious subject labels (eg 'quantum mechanics' nowadays encompasses a staggeringly huge range of phenomena). Try using open questions in physics as a starting point, instead of subject labels. The stuff we don't know is the stuff that usually has some special mystery about it - and mystery is frequently interesting. 0. reply. Medical problem? Call 1800 022 222. If you need urgent medical help, call triple zero immediately. healthdirect Australia is a free service where you can talk to a nurse or doctor who can help you know what to do

These topics will resonate both with the participants of the debate and the listeners. However, try not to pick topics that are too hot - they can potentially alienate the participants of the debate. One of the main criteria for choosing a powerful debate topic is that the topic is interesting to you and other participants of the event. No. 7 Best Interesting Conversation Topics. via: Unsplash / Tim Gouw. Becoming a great conversationalist isn't only about being interesting, but having interesting conversation topics and questions to ask goes a long way towards making conversations lively and engaging. Try these 7 questions, our best interesting conversation topics: Creative Prompt. If you're looking to craft a truly. List of Chemistry Projects, Science Fair Projects, Expo Models, Exhibition Topics, Expo Ideas, CBSE Science Experiments Project Ideas Topics, winning chemistry project ideas, cool and fun interesting chemistry project experiments, investigatory project for Kids and also for Middle school, Elementary School for class 5th Grade, 6th, 7th, 8th, 9th 10th, 11th, 12th Grade ISC and CBSE High School. The topics in the following list reflect these aims, and are possibilities for your language and literature dissertation: • Architecture in the work of Thomas Hardy. • Science and the nineteenth-century novel. • Interpreting the space age: Literature of the twenty first century. • Astronomy and the poetic imagination of the nineteenth century. • Why philosophy matters to literature. Topics to get the conversation started. These are your run of the mill, first meeting someone, topics to talk about. You'll find that most people will have at least some things to say about each of these topics. Once you stumble upon something interesting or something they are interested in, keep talking about that for a while. Branch off.

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In these 30 new creative writing topics for grade 3 students, your class will get to explore wild hypotheticals such as what three wishes they would request from a magic genie and what new ways of life people might experience in the future. They'll also practice self-reflection as they think about big topics like what it means to be a good friend and the importance of the Golden Rule Anyway, what the group is missing is a comprehensive list of English and Chinese conversation topics to keep everyone inspired and talking smoothly. So I have come up with a list of 100 English conversation topics, complete with Chinese translations and pinyin for convenience. The Chinese translations were carefully crafted by me and proofread by my friend Bo - thanks mate! I provide the. I need to do a oral presentation in class for 5 to 7mins, so im looking for any interesting topics such as: Smart Phones ,Blu-Ray, RIM (Research In Motion) and Blackberry etc...it doesnt have to relate to technolgy..but something interesting let me know if you know any good ones!! Thank